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wilson ng

Hi Denise,

great advice. I have an offline reader, but did not know could do it in yahoo as well.

I hope it is ok if I tell other people as well, and point them to your site. Many people still don't know how to do an offline reader.

Best regards,
Wilson ng
visit my weblog at www.bizdrivenlife.net


Wilson, thanks for your note. Absolutely, please share the info about MyYahoo. It's not a secret! :-)

Naturally I would love it if you point people to my blog.
Thanks for visiting.


Good advice. Alas, i already knew this.

Check out my site and let me know when you got new tips ;-)


The Daily Llama

Great advice. I've just set up my blog and these are tips that I'll definitely try out on my site. Thanks a million.

Kindest regards,

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