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I have read a lot of things from you and other people and there is something I still don't catch:

Why feed subscription is so important for you (see pitfall #4)? Why, why, why?

I read (and people around me who are users of blogs tell me the same thing...bon (means ok), they are french but I think there is no cultural bias on this topic) that a very little few people use/like using feedstuff!

So I'd rather advice people to have a database system (like a shopping cart) for Newsletter subscritpion. The Newsletter would be an week-period (or a month period, it depends on the posting frequency)overview of the posts published. I think that your readers would be very happy with you to do the work for them. And it's up to you to write something appealing in the newsletter to make the guy want to read more on your blog.

As usual give people some secret tips to prompt them to subscribe.

What do you think about that?

Patsi Krakoff

Thanks Nathalie, for raising this question. We advise our blogging clients to put a subscription form on their blog so readers will get an email notification whenever they post a new article. But people like to get their blogs in several different ways. It is up to you to make it easy for them. Adding a "My Yahoo", Bloglines, or Feedburner option means they don't have to search the web to see if and when you write on your blog. These systems (RSS feeds) make it easy for people to get a notice you have posted, then they can go read what's on your blog.
Yes, only a few people have adopted RSS newsreaders, but why would you not give those 12-15% of your readers this opportunity to stay abreast of your blog posts? To not to so, is like saying, sorry, I'm not going to make it easy for you to read my blog posts.
Yes, sending out an email newsletter to advise readers that there is new content on the blog is a good idea. Do that. AND add the RSS feeds options and a subscription option from Feedblitz. It's free, it's easy, there is no reason to not do it.
You don't have to understand how these things work in order to do them and offer them to your readers.
Merci pour votre participation sur notre blog...et pardon... my keyboard isn't as fluent in French as I am. I lived 18 years in Paris and am always tres content to connect with les francaises!

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